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Anchor Baby

by Brian Moreno | | ChicanxPoetry | 0 Comments

By Juliana Martinez

You're mexican &' you know english?

I guess some people still don't know the definition of being bilingual.

You get everything to your hands you should be successful but you are brown you're still disgraceful, every time I open the door I need to be careful.

¿Nacistes en los estados unidos, porque sabes hablar español?

Why do you have papers if your parents crossed the border?

Why don't you ever smile? You see what they don't know is life is only good once in awhile .. at least for those of color.

First day of school: they have never herd me speak they have never herd me read,

"What's your nationality?" you mark the box, American, black, asian.

my father marks other &' writes in hispanic.

I get put into ESL : English as a second language. But what if it was my first?

what if i was white &' my first language was spanish?

you wouldn't have put me in this class. I did all of my assignments , proved i knew english &' still you wouldn't mark me as pass? They try to insist that appearance doesn't matter, but why everytime I ask for proof i don't get an answer? Because sometimes I wish the system was made for all races ... &' maybe police could take more importance in real cases. I don't think any of you understand what it's like to tell your parents your situations to there faces.

You know?

Like trying to find the right words in spanish..

Like when you're stressing out &' you can't let it out because they risked there life so that you could be much more advantaged.

They ask how school was, I'd have to lie &' say it was fine because if it wasn't they'd reply back with "Yo quisiera ir a la escuela esperate hasta que empiesez a trabajar ayi si te vas a estresar" &' you don't understand how hard it is to know, that your mothers heart breaks because she thinks you are better then her because you speak another language!!

or when a friend tells me i don't understand how hard it is to have parents that are separated..

but do you know how hard it is to have parents that are together because of there children? Like they left there whole family , for el sueño americano..

&' the only family they got here is eachother. even though they really can't stand being together... or when the teacher asks you to read aloud &' you're terrified because your whole life in school you were told you couldn't speak proper english.

oh &' i don't think you understand how hard it is to have to get up &' teach yourself that you're not a mistake no matter what your damn skin color is!!

at least that's what I've been having to do lately.. So next time you ask if I know English just because I'm Mexican, remember that learning 2 languages is much more easier then being a anchor baby.

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