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Community Support

The Chicanx Apparel family believe that it essential to support the community through volunteering and donation.

This is why we make sure that purchases that we receive will go to supporting the Chicanx / Latinx Non - Profit, The Willamette Chicano Alliance and It's programs.

In the following we have programs that we support and make donations to:


Willamette Chicano Alliance

The Willamette Chicano Alliance is a collective of caring Chicanx / Latinx youth, students leaders, community members dedicated to creating resilient and self-sustaining communities.
Our youth-centered programs strive to provide our participants with the necessary tools to become agents of positive change in their respective communities. We use an indigenous / Chicano centric worldview to ensure that our organizational approach aligns with qualities and characteristics present in the communities we are serving.

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Chicano Mentoring Program

Despite the increase in the Raza population, we have not seen a proportionate increase in the number of Chicano students in institutions of higher education.

For this reason we are taking the initiative to build a network of support that will start at the elementary school level and continue through graduate school. This network of support aims to guide Chicano students through the educational system.

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Chicano Leadership Summer Institute

The Chicano Leadership Summer Institute (CLSI) brings together college and high school students of the Portland metro area to the Portland State University campus.
This program is supported by the Willamette Chicano Alliance, PSU M.E.Ch.A. Through workshops and dialogue, CLSI participants will explore topics surrounding identity development, college preparedness, leadership development, Chicanx/Latinx culture/history, and arte. Additionally, students are also given opportunities to visit Portland-area colleges and universities.

Chicano Leaders Project

The Chicanx Leaders Project is a youth leadership development program that aims to create the next generation of strong, dedicated, and effective Chicanx/Latinx leaders.
Over the span of a year, each leader works with other young leaders and program staff to cultivate leadership skills necessary to advocate for social change.
It is designed to assist youth in developing their transformative leadership skills. CLP fosters a cohesive cohort of leaders who collaborate to develop a project around the cohort’s focus. Projects are intended to reach tangible goals of advocating for policy change in local government institutions.